書名:《Respect People》(精裝版Deluxe Version)

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☆With two modes of display: 1. Page flip- Manual, Reading sound- Auto; 2. Page flip & Reading sound- Manual.

☆Add the flash videos including Chinese and English subtitle.

☆Add a translation in every single page and a translation of whole story in the end.

☆The Bedtime Story Function: Parents can play only audios of the stories during kids’ sleep time.





==================== Introductions of 3 Stories ====================

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CAMPING OUT: Woody lacks self confidence and is afraid other kids will make fun of him, so he has a negative attitude and is usually left to himself.

However, something happens to change Woody’s attitude and outlook on life.


*Moral Character: Teamwork / Life Value Strengthening: Cooperation, Caring, Respect





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ONE DAY AT THE ZOO: Today, Katie's parents are taking her to the zoo by MRT. On the train, she steals a little boy’s toy, and when she gets to the zoo, the animals there are very interested in what she has.


*Moral Character: Respecting others / Life Value Strengthening: Respect, Caring, Bravery





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LOUIS & GRANDPA: Louis and his grandpa are often at home together, but they don’t do anything together. What can be done to improve this situation?


*Moral Character: Caring for family / Life Value Strengthening: Caring, Respect


☉The professional voice actors use unique character voices and expression in their narration, which is sure to attract children and lead them into the wonderful English-story environment.

☉Through reading these stories, children are able to learn about great qualities as they relate to life strengthening.




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