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書名:My Adventure(精裝版Deluxe Version)

價格:2.99 (3 in 1)     現正特價1.99喔!






☆With two modes of display: 1. Page flip- Manual, Reading sound- Auto; 2. Page flip & Reading sound- Manual.

☆Add the flash videos including Chinese and English subtitle.

☆Add a translation in every single page and a translation of whole story in the end.

☆The Bedtime Story Function: Parents can play only audios of the stories during kids’ sleep time.





==================== Introductions of 3 Stories ====================

美語繪本小精裝首頁14.png   美語繪本CN-02.png

Introduction of LEGEND VALLEY:

Little Tree goes in search of Legend Valley, a place where nature and people can co-exist peacefully. On the way she meets a boy. When they can’t find Legend Valley, they decide to make a place just like it together. Will they succeed?


*Moral Character: Environmental protection and Recycling / Life Value Strengthening: Cherishing, Appreciation


美語繪本小精裝首頁25.png   美語繪本CN-13.png

Introduction of LEO & BEN:

Leo and Ben decide to take a trip together. What happens to them while they are on their journey?


*Moral Character: Optimism / Life Value Strengthening: Responsiveness, Appreciation


美語繪本小精裝首頁28.png   美語繪本CN-16.png  

Introduction of A WONDERFUL JOURNEY:

Cala the chameleon lives in a pet shop. He’s never been outside before and doesn’t know what the world is like. One day, however, his cage is opened. What will happen to Cala then?


*Moral Character: Discovering life and the beauty of nature / Life Value Strengthening: Appreciation, Cherishing


☉The professional voice actors use unique character voices and expression in their narration, which is sure to attract children and lead them into the wonderful English-story environment.

☉Through reading these stories, children are able to learn about great qualities as they relate to life strengthening.



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