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 - Little Spotty

 Little Spotty is a lamb who hates his spots. Even though Little Spotty looks different from the others, the shepherd still loves him very much.

 - Little Donkey

 What Little Donkey wants most is a job to do like everyone else. All this changes when the king discovers the sincere, even-tempered Little Donkey.

 - Dance of Butterflies

 Flutter and Squiggles are two caterpillars with different outlooks on the future. In time, they embark on a wonderful life-changing journey and become beautiful butterflies.

 - Three Little Peas

 When three peas leave their pod, they encounter different difficulties. Nevertheless, the three peas use their wits and bravery to get out of their various predicaments.

 - Sophia’s Cat Kiki

 One day, Sophia’s cat Kiki dyes her grey fur blond. She now thinks that she is beautiful and can’t wait for Sophia to see her new look. But Sophia doesn’t recognize her and turns her out, leaving Kiki homeless!

 - The Giraffe’s Glasses

 When the Giraffe finds a pair of glasses and puts them on, he can’t see clearly nor can he help people.

 - Salt and Sugar

 One day, Sugar and Salt start to bicker and Adam has to figure out how to resolve the problem.

 - Statue in the Park

 One summer in the park, the grass, big tree, and bee are all complaining about who is the worst off. But when a crumpled up tin can is thrown away, they realize just how lucky they are.

 - Little Bear Chef

 Little Bear is lazy and always mooches food from his friends. But he starts to study coking and becomes a great chef.



- Professional audio narration. 
- Tap the picture “the girl with earphones” to play the entire story.



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