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 - A Clown’s Tears

 - The Secret of the Steam

 - The Magician of Colors

 - The Cloth Ball Boy

 These are stories about Charlie Chaplin, James Watt, Leonardo Da Vinci and Pele who worked hard in their lives and finally succeeded.

 - The Rescue

 Ten-year-old Jordan must face his deepest fears. Will he risk his life to aid in the rescue of this person, knowing his parents died at sea and his brother Peter is still missing?

 - Mission I’m-possible

 All people in a small school will move to a new campus. Suddenly, the earthquake happens and causes the bus to fall down a valley into a creek. How does everybody work as one and overcome this challenge?

 - Little Pomelo, Big Orange

 A naughty tangerine is thrown from her basket and tries to fit in with the oranges and pomelos, but ends up getting in trouble.

 -The Rooster Who Lost His Necklace

 Gugu misplaces the golden necklace which the farmer gives him. A field mouse tells Gugu to make a fake necklace out of straw, which he does. Will Gugu be caught in his lie?



- Professional audio narration. 
- Tap the picture “the girl with earphones” to play the entire story.

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